Fenton, Michigan

Welcome to my passion as a artist...watercolor!

Welcome to my passion as a artist...watercolor!

Welcome to my passion as a artist...watercolor!Welcome to my passion as a artist...watercolor!

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Enjoy painting outside while the weather holds out!


Find out more on my Workshops & Classes for the Fall.

Explore designing, painting and watercolor in a class setting or Plein Air painting with me this fall!

latest news


"Canopy of Light"

This painting is on exhibit with several others at the "Cause & Effect Gallery" in Fenton Michigan.


"The Thinker"

I proud to be juried into the Michigan Watercolor Exhibition!

my story


As a watercolor artist I am always on a quest to explore, create and express myself through art.  I’ve been inspired by many along the way. My hope is that you will find  continual enjoyment from my artwork, as much as I enjoyed creating it.


I want you to stop and feel the wonder I feel when I see a sunrise. Connect with the soul of the person I have painted. Our lives are so fast paced. We walk past everything without seeing it. See the unseen. I strive to convey raw beauty and emotion in my painting through an up close perspective with composition and light. Life, emotions and nature inspire me.

Working intuitively and organically I may paint on location, work in my sketchbook with concepts, or take reference images of things that speak to me. 

First, I will do small, quick test-paintings, testing different compositions, designs, color palettes, while also testing my paper and how I want to paint my subject to communicate the feeling I want.  Once I have the right combination of all those elements, I draw it out simply, allowing changes all through the process. I am passionate about watercolors, they are a challenging, magical medium.

Being an artist to me is an amazing, unending journey of discovery and development.  

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